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Kangoo et Cie food pouches

Kangoo et Cie is a Quebec company whose mission is to offer families (and why not our furry friends) an innovative and multifunctional solution for snack time through an ecological, affordable, transportable product. and aesthetics and all this, without damage.

It is possible to freeze the pockets to make frozen treats. It's a must have for the summer! In addition to refreshing your dog, the frozen product lasts longer during your adventures. They can be taken anywhere and make it easy to offer high value rewards. It's great for potty training a puppy or as a booster treat.

Here are some reward ideas:

Recipe #1 : Add your dog's favorite wet (canned) food.

Recipe #2 : Add fruits/vegetables of your choice (banana, spinach, pumpkin purée, carrot) and peanut butter. You can also add plain yogurt.

Recipe #3 : Soften your food in bone broth (or water). You can even add some of his favorite treats.

Put everything in a blender to obtain an adequate texture. You can thaw it 30 minutes in advance to get the perfect texture!

They can be easily cleaned by hand with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Little tip:

Overall there are 6 pouches. You can easily identify which are reserved for your canine companion and you keep some to prepare tasty snacks for you too!

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