About us

Boutique Riffy is a Quebec company that offers a variety of accessories for animals and their owners. In recent years, many families have welcomed a new four-paws member into their home. Being both mothers of furry little ones and nature lovers, we wanted to respond to a more than growing demand.

We wanted to create products to facilitate and embellish the moments spent in the company of our animals. A brand of products that are both trendy and practical.

Discovery, creation, passion and devotion are at the heart of our values.

Looking forward to embellishing your moments with your animals.

The story behind Riffy

We are two girls passionate about animals who have always wanted to become entrepreneurs. We combined these two interests to create Boutique Riffy, a distributor of several products for dogs and cats, located in Trois-Rivières.

Riffy is inspired by our animals. "Ri" for Riley, Emmy's golden retriever, and "ffy" for Fluffy, Shelsy's cat.